What are they saying about Litmind?

Being on Litmind brought me infinite options. I've found paid jobs, met models, found collaborations… A professional network constantly evolving. Absolutely recommended.
Susana Mateos, Photographer
I've been on Litmind for more than 10 years now, I'm grateful because I worked quite a lot, I've met great professionals and I've recommended it to my friends. Thanks Litmind.
I've started when Litmind was Fotopunto.com and it's fantastic how you've grown in such few time. It's a pleasure to be part of this web dedicated to fashion photography. It's easy to understand how it works and first of all it's such a great place to get inspired! Great and talented photographers, models, stylists and make up and hair stilists. It's a reference for sure. I use to go and check the last photos posted and the great jobs of such many talented people every day. Great job to all the staff behind this web! Thanks to all of you!
Irene Sekulic photographer, Photographer
It's been 24 hours since I've created my profile at Litmind and I think it's a superb site to discover works from other professionals, to keep on learning (though I've been a photographer for the last 30 years), being up to date with trends and get my latest works known. From now on, along my personal page and my blog, Litmind will be my updates page and of course I'll recommend it to some of my photographer friends ...
Alfonso Bustos, Photographer
We've got registered not too long ago, but it's being an excellent way to make our retouching services reach a wide audience of photographers and professional retouchers. Everytime we publish an ad we get a strong increment in visits to our page. In fact, everytime we have a great day on the site we say the same: "Today it's been a Litmind day".
ProRetoque, Photographer
It's been 7 years since I've created my account on this web, on which I've met fantastic people. It's been for me, and still is, a great tool for my job.
AIDA SERVI Fotografía y retoque, Photographer
I've started using Litmind almost 2 years ago, and I think it's a really great web, I've never did anything on this world, but I started to do some jobs with photographers, and I'm now advancing on this world ... truly incredible!
VIR, Model
Photography is art, expression, magic, and Litmind has been and is being the channel that allows me to create and share this magic. Litmind is a fundamental part of my job as a photographer, as the camera or the computer is. On Litmind I find references on the work from other photographers, I find models and I exhibit my work, everything in a nicely designed page, agile and easy to use, it's a lucky chance to have all this.
Tomas Gimeno, Photographer
It's been 3 years since I registered and I've made several interesting works as a model (some of them more than others), I met people with whom I will work in the future comfortably, and above all I've learnt a lot and still learning from each work. In conclusion, most of the works I've done regularly won't be able to success without this web; Litmind helped me with my works and to learn from them.
Lorena Obra, Model
On Litmind I've found really great professionals like Emilio Pino. It's brilliant.
Nigrelli, Model
I started my career thanks to Litmind, and I've always recommended it because it helped me so much. Thanks straight from the heart.
Edwar Tiger, Model
We've been users of Fotopunto-Litmind for more than 6 years, and from our Agency an School FASHION GROUP www.facebook.com/fgg-in we've redirected our models to this web, since we consider it meets the seriousness and quality to be considered as a cutting-edge site for the fusion and contact-making between agencies, photographers, models and other specialities that are part of the fashion and advertising world. It's difficult this times to get together the sobriety, elegance, resilience, responsibility and glamour, Litmind achieves this! Greetings and congratulations to all the team!
Litmind gaves us the opportunity to meet handsome and funny people, very engaged to photography. It's been two years on the page for me, but I've started contacting models the last months, and it's being an spectacular experience!
Imfstudio.com, Photographer
I think Litmind (Fotopunto for the older ones) provided me sobriety, elegance, knowledge, contacts, projects, dreams ... All indispensable things when you're yet very green and a professional approach when you're advancing in your curiosity and possibilities.
Jose Rico, Photographer
Litmind is really great, I've learnt a lot, I've meet lots of people and I've had great opportunities that I've never dreamt of. Thank you Litmind.
Enai Alvarado, Model
Litmind helps me meet photographers in collaboration works to get me in the fashion world living a very satisfying experience.
Nadia, Model
It's as simple as this: Litmind gives you the opportunity to showcase your work not only to the people involved on photography, but also to the whole world, is like having your own permanent exhibition.
Jesús Moreno, Photographer
Litmind is excellente for anything fashion. The contact and collaboration tools it gives us are a breath of fresh air for us. It's also clear they have a permanent interest in searching for new solutions. I love this site. Thanks to everybody making it possible.
Antonio Fernandes, Photographer
I love this web because of the way it's ordered, and of the great jobs you can find through it. I love it, and won't change it for anything ...
Sheila, Model
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